Leaders in food market industry are waiting for you!

Naturalyst Food Trading Corporation is a selling agent for products and manufacturing enterprises, designing the best strategies for market penetration, representing and managing brands to distributors and marketing channels.

Having a strong knowledge in the international market, we have developed solid connections in the food sector, which guarantee the right introduction of a large variety of world class products.

Our knowledge have an intangible value: taking care of the image of our clients and products in the international market, having with us the best capacity team, ready to help your business to grow and expand.

Our Services.

• Design market penetration strategy.
• Direct distribution.
• Connections with distributors and chains.
• Market study (presentations, image, price, competition).
• Nostalgic market.
• Product development.
• Commercial service (Marketing and Sales).
• Legal and regulatory advice in the country of origin and destination.
• Commercial ERP.